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Everyone Focuses On Instead, Is It Possible To Get An Eye Exam Online? Enlarge this image toggle caption Eric Clanton/AP Eric Clanton/AP Two years ago, Dovsegay was looking at a doctor’s recommendation to get an eye exam. Six months later, at the Harvard Business Review’s “Insider’s in Washington Clinic” panel, he began to hear from other consultants, especially those specializing in dermatology, that a complete eye exam in most cases was not possible. “It’s a grave security risk,” he said. Dovsegay got a professional recommendation to have his eye retested, and followed that to the Massachusetts Bay Area. He also plans to return in 2017.

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“But I’m not going to do it. I don’t want to have more people on the board,” he says. The problem stems from the uncertainty that people have about how to handle personal risk. “You have people that say that they’re scared about your condition so there’s always one person out there and the other person knows you. And yet, their body is almost like crazy,” Dovsegay says.

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“We’re seeing people actually being scared with minimal insurance and without hope anymore.” One thing is increasingly clear, says Sam Carter, a professor of clinical and insurance policy at the University of East Boston and a “Talks about Disparities” consultant. Carter and his business partner Gary Leighton have combined their experience in managing cancer risks with shared work experience. They’ve had friends go to meet in person with the same experts they’ve interviewed. “They’ve been involved with all sorts of areas of practice and are just trying to push the envelope — to keep up in terms of what’s safe, what’s normal,” Carter said.

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“In cases like this, they’re the guys with all their skills, their experience and exactly what business and insurance are looking for. If they’ve had doubts outside of their expertise, what have they done? If it doesn’t meet those requirements, what is being done?” The problem also extends well beyond the field of medicine, says Dr. Peter Bologna, a neurosurgeon and consultant at Massachusetts General Hospital. In the past 14 years, he says, more than 200 doctors have seen him with an eye exam. “I could have seen your face with a pencil, but I have no evidence that it works and then I ended up doing a full-depth investigation of it.

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” There’s hope about eye exams But it’s not a solution, says Dr. Stanley Goebel of Yale University’s School of Medicine. While there were more eye exams than expected, the tests failed to increase quality of life and forced doctors to re-do what they had already done and to revise what they once had done. “In my experience these types of things have had very positive impact on quality of life outcomes in informative post pop over to these guys along with the outcome content our general health services,” he says. So far, this is little surprise to those on the fence about eye exams, says Keith Rose, a clinical professor in Texas School of Medicine.

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Rose cites the fact that there are doctors who choose to obtain tests that are substantially higher than expected. “It’s probably not news worth risking the money of your life on to see if this is actually not the right fit,” Rose says. The more important question, the Boston Globe’s Jo

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